Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Mother of All Babyshowers - Recap!

Okay, I am fully aware of how far behind I am on my blogging and how late this post is. BUT! Better late than never, right?!?! Between all the blogger events, oil classes and Halloween activities and parties these past few weeks, there is never a dull moment!

Let's talk #MOABS!

This event was incredible! It had everything this mommy blogger could ask for! We are fans of the Young At Art Museum and let me start with saying they completely transformed the place! There was everything from celebrities, to an expert panel of certified pediatricians and lactation consultants, as well as mommy lifestyle blogger Modern Boca Mom (my fave)!

The variety of different panels had their thumb on the heartbeat of all the issues all the new mommies and mommy-to-be's were facing. There were no shortage of questions regarding nursing, lactation, feeding and even sleep issues that were addressed.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the lovely "mompreneurs" Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner, authors of "The Sh*tty Mom". They were super sweet and hilarious guest speakers on the "Mom Panel". Some of the excerpts from their book were down right hysterical! Although I'm an advocate for attachment parenting and couldn't pull of some of their "mommy hacks", the main premise for the book is to poke fun at something we all deal with, Mommy Guilt! An empowering message to women to do the best with what you've got, laugh at what you can and move on. #YaYa!
They shared a table with the adorable NFL Network host and new mom-to-be Jenn Brown. She was absolutely gorgeous and gracious enough to send me home with an autographed picture for the hubby! #CoolestWifeEver!

I was curious to see some new vendors so after a quick photo-op with my favorite mommy blogger and guest panel speaker Modern Boca Mom, we hit the ground running!

Thanks to Jennifer Reina Photography for the awesome photo booth!

The first vendor that really caught my eye was the Nuroo Pocket booth! This is an absolute MUST HAVE for any baby wearing mom! The benefits of skin to skin contact with babies are endless! From accelerated brain development, soothing, lowered stress levels, improved sleep, weight gain and even building immunity! Not to mention the benefits for moms like increased milk production and lowering your risk of post partum depression, and the liberty of being hands free! There is a ton of scientific research supporting these facts and you can learn more about hormone stimulation and the soothing effects of skin to skin baby wearing on the Nuroo Baby website.
Nuroo Baby also had an adorable selection of swaddlers (with babys hip development in mind), as well as some fashionable nursing scarves. Where were these when I had a 15 month old and a newborn to care for? This was my mantra at just about every booth I encountered at #MOABS. 

Next on my list were the lovely people at the Soothe Jewels table, turns out were Instagram besties!

I used teething jewelry with my youngest son, but boy has it come a long way! Their selection was gorgeous! Fashionable and safe jewelry for a purpose, I was in love. Such a great find for new moms!

This event had something for everyone, even dads! I decided to hit the "Dad Zone" and check it out. But first, let me explain. MOABS was catered by Whole Foods Market, I was surprised to see a table with a  wonderful selection of  pasta salads, dips and even cake! 
How cute is this???
Needless to say the line for this table was filled with pregnant bellies and hungry moms as far as the eye can see (myself included)!

Which is one of the reasons I went to check out the Dad Zone, which was awesome! There was virtually no line and they served beer! I treated myself to some fine Pumpkin Ale and scarfed down a few of the tasty Swedish meatballs served by Ikea.

Now, you notice there are no photos of this area. That's because what happens in the Dad Zone STAYS in the Dad Zone! 

I moved on to my next favorite table, the folks from Kuddle Coat! Can we just say, perfection??? This recovering germophobe was thoroughly impressed!

This germ resistant coat gives nervous new parents peace of mind knowing that there is a protective barrier preventing transmittal of harmful bacteria and allergens. If you have one of these handy you can simply ask your guest to put it on before holding your new bundle of joy, GENIUS! No need to feel as though you are inconveniencing your guests by constantly making them change or worrying if your precious little one is at risk, this coat protects from strong odors like pet hair, pollen and perfume as well as carcinogens from cigarette smoke. You can check out their website for more info on all potential effects on newborns and young infants.
(photo credit: Sandy Smith, CEO of Kuddle Coat)

I strolled past the folks at Blankie Pillow on the way to retrieve "alleged meatballs and beer" and had to double back to take a look afterwards. They were so soft and so comfy I wanted to take one home for ME!

Having survived severe acid reflux with my firstborn I couldn't help but wish I had this on those tough nights. This comfortable plush pillow is not only great for propping up your infants while relaxing or for tummy time, it doubles as a toddler pillow as they grow! This is a win/win in my book, I can't tell you how many time my little guys toss and turn at night looking for a cuddle, these arm rests are great for that as well as ensuring they don't take a tumble turning over! A wonderful comforting pillow for children of all ages.

MOABS was a complete success! There was no shortage of new and interesting vendors. It seemed every time I turned a corner there was a new section I hadn't seen with new and interesting products. Couple that with some awesome raffles and giveaways and this event is aptly named. It was quite truly The Mother of ALL Baby Showers

It only adds to the appeal that the founder of MOABS, Amy Lundy is a "mompreneur" herself. She's a mom first and decided that moms needed a place they could go to find out about all the top notch products geared towards babies and children. It's easy to get overwhelmed as a parent in a market that is over-saturated with products that either don't work or you do not need. I heard she's already busy with big plans for the next Mother of All Baby Showers, I can't wait!

I'll be sure and keep you all posted!

Essentially Yours,


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