Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Five Things Former New Yorker's Should NOT Do While Visiting New York

I Love New York.

There, I said it. It's no secret.

I will ALWAYS love this city of mine.. I've yet to come across another city where all of it's ex-pats cannot refer to themselves as an "Ex." Anywhere you go, you can ask a former New Yorker and they will proudly tell you they are still a "New Yawkah." They love it so much there are Meet Up groups devoted to this special breed.

If you've visited Gotham, then you understand the obsession with arguably one of the BEST cities in the world. If you've never been, first off... My condolences. Secondly, you are probably sick and tired of hearing about this melting pot and wish everyone from there would just go back already (don't worry, we want to).

However, upon my most recent visit to the Big Apple I had a different set of eyes. It being my first trip away from my boys it was especially tough (more on how to survive the first trip away later). I found myself wanting to do things I would have never done while living in "The City," that's what us "Queens girls" call Manhattan. So I decided to poke fun at it all and put together a list of the things we all should stop doing while visiting, before we get our New York card revoked!

Tip #1: Stop Looking Up

Yes the buildings are tall, that's why they are called "sky scrapers." No they haven't gotten taller since you left. Yes you are in the way, so stop bumping into people. They're trying to get to work ovah here! The easiest way to spot a tourist in Manhattan is to look for the people staring at all the tall structures, this is usually how they "lose" their wallet. Spoiler alert!

Tip #2: Do Not Ride The Subway
Don't set yourself up for disaster. Yes it's especially crowded, yes it's always been this crowded. Yes, there are new trains and no they haven't added more stops to your usual line. It has always been this hot. Chances are that is urine you smell. No that is not a dog on the tracks. Carrying a subway map with you is always a bad idea.

Tip # 3: Give Us Liberty, Give Us Freedom From... Selfies!
Let's spare the good folks of Facebook our Lady Liberty selfies shall we? Or the Empire State Building, or the Chrysler Buiding, or any other New York monument that every New York kid has seen year in and year out on classroom field trips.

Tip # 4: Reminisce From Afar
Try not to cram the entire NYC experience into a three day weekend. You know who you are, forcing all of your current NY friends to tag along on your tourist's adventure. Reliving every childhood memory. Skating in Central Park, sitting up top on the NY Sightseeing Bus, Gray's Papaya hot dogs AND a trip to Rockefeller Center for a little tree lighting anyone? Your friends still live there, they are not impressed. Do not drag them throughout every borough trying to regain a bit of your childhood (we're all a bit guilty of this one).

Tip #5: Don't Shop Til' You Drop
Try not to spend your 401k on the latest fashions at all the trendy hot spots. It's understandable you want to stock up while you can, "The City That Never Sleeps" is the fashion mecca of the world. A little restraint will keep you in the "green."

Bonus Tip:  Spare The State Envy
  Upon returning home there's no need to complain about everything NOT New York. You know, the humidity in October (thanks South Florida), scoff at the pizza (even in Chicago) and groan about the "service." Chances are they are not interested you were once able to get the best pastrami sandwich in the world at 2am, or the best haircut of your life. No need to torture everyone back at home, let's keep this wonderful city our little secret!

Until next time Empire City..

Essentially yours,


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  1. As a New Yorker born and raised, and now living in Florida, I am totally guilty of #2,#3 and #4. When we visited in November, we pretty much used UBER, but there were sometimes I needed to use the subway. I have to say I appreciate the subway performances even more now that I'm gone. As for #3 & #4, I am a family travel blogger so I think it's okay for me to post these. Besides I have a national audience, and I get the best engagement on my travel posts. I am looking forward to visiting NYC and Brooklyn next month. Most of our family is still up there, and the house I grew up in is still owned by my Dad, so I really never call myself an ex-New Yorker.