Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Becoming A Part of the Paper Culture...

It's December! 

Tis' the season for holiday card madness! Over the years I've tried it all, from DIY photo sessions to hiring a professional. I've tried online printing AND printing photo cards myself. They each have their benefits of course, it's a matter of preference. I enjoy photography and coming up with unique themes for different photo shoots, and the quality in going with a professional company is wonderful. These days I seem to be so busy I decided to go with online printing once again. In doing my research this year, I came across a jewel!

Paper Culture is an online printing company that offers unique & modern eco stationery using only 100 percent post consumer recycled papers generated with renewable energy. With standard premium quality paper at 130lb, double and triple thick upgraded options and free pre-purchase design assistance, they are a tough deal to beat. Prices are very affordable and they will even mail the cards for you with FREE addressing return and recipient printing! 

Here's the kicker... are you ready?
For every purchase made through Paper Culture they will plant a tree in your name, you can even dedicate the tree in someone's honor.
Like all companies Paper Culture has a carbon footprint as a result of operations. But, unlike other companies, Paper Culture offsets it's carbon footprint through carbon credits in partnership with

Fact: One lush, mature tree can produce enough oxygen in a single season for ten people.

Their Cards to Trees Program which launched on Earth Day 2010, is targeted to plant one million trees by the year 2020. This Certified California Green Business isn't winner of the Climate Leader Award for nothing!

Stationery making an impact that embodies a strong message of sustainability. Now that just makes my hippie heart happy!

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May this holiday season smile gently upon you and yours, and may the new year bring you peace and joy...

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