Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spotlight On Lebanon Woodworking

With my essential oil obsession at an all time high, I'm starting to venture deeper into the "oil community" and learn more about this lifestyle. I came across this great woodworking shop by the name of Lebanon Woodworking on Etsy recently and fell in love the essential oil display shelves.

I love my oils and all that they add to the quality of our family life, I've felt for some time now that I would like to display them differently at home and during essential oil classes and booths. I teach a monthly Essential Oils Education 101 class at The Salt Suite Delray, and it can get a little "busy" with oils spread across the product table. Our next class is January 29th and I can't wait to show off this quality display case!

I'm absolutely in love with the workmanship! It's incredibly sturdy, there are no rough edges and its so lightweight and easy to manage. Gong vertical on my product table allows for more space and less clutter. Daniel Pawlak, the talent behind this premium woodwork is a formally trained architect and in his own words: "Enjoys translating ideas into constructed objects." Daniel, a family man who first made each product offered in his shop for his family first, is no stranger to custom fitting a shelf to suit your personal needs. His shop is unique, he offers products that "grow with his family."

Rumor has it, he's begun offering some Waldorf inspired wooden toys in his shop, I can't wait to check them out! Daniel's experience is extensive and has created beds, tables, baby toys and much more. Daniel has been kind enough to offer all of my readers a $5 off code for any $40 purchase in his Etsy shop with coupon code OILSHELF5.

I am definitely a fan! I look forward to following his shop and watching it evolve!

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Lebanon Woodworking is located in Lebanon, OH and can be reached via e-mail at, or in their Etsy shop.

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