Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Earth Festival 2014!!

This Easter we were fortunate to catch the Earth Festival at Woodlands Park. It was awesome!
There were so many different vendors and organizations offering either great services or info to attendees. I instantly kicked right into Blogger mode and began snapping away for you fine folks. 

We started down the Eco Park but didn't make it far before our boys found (I'm sure by now you've guessed it) trains! 
This woodwork was quite impressive, so detailed! 

Back to the festival! The first booth I came across were the lovely ladies from Mother Earth diaper service. Where were these ladies when I was knee deep in poopy cloth diapers?? (I'm still not out of the woods yet!) 
Being a big cloth diaper advocate, I raced right over to check out their setup. 
You can check them out at www.motherearthdiapers.com for more info.

We visited a couple more great booths with lots of Eco friendly info like The Sierra Club (can't wait for my first meeting May 14th!) and the Green Living Alliance booth, which had so much neat info on conservation and composting!

The boys even got to play with a couple of rabbits named Alfred and Percy. (Thomas fans out there don't need me to tell them which rabbit was their favorite!) 

Loved this sign!
But this one took the cake! There isn't enough talk about the fracking of our water, the fact that our Everglades are at risk is scary. 
I'm a lover of nature, I do my personal best to do my part and try to teach my kids to be mindful and conserve. To give back as much as we consume if not more, because at the end of the day we are only guests on this beautiful planet. Fairs like these are available to help educate and inform those who seek out answers. Because when you know better, you do better. Until next time!

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