Monday, April 14, 2014

The Gathering Place - Green Baby Fair

(Sorry this post took so long, renovations at home have set us back to say the least!)

The Green Baby Fair was a complete success! Thanks to the kind people at The Gathering Place and all of their sponsors. They made this newbie blogger feel right at home! I met so many awesome people with incredible products!

First let me start off by saying I was supposed to have a babysitter for both of my boys so that I could focus all of my attention on the fair. This did not happen, so here they are at the fair with me! 
When they say baby/ kid friendly they meant it! These guys were surprisingly entertained the entire day!

We started off at the "O'Baby" booth where they were kindly giving anatomy scans to any mom-to-be! (Jealous!) 
They had the coolest stuffed animals that could record your baby's heartbeat,so anytime you felt like hearing that magical sound you can just squeeze your stuffy! How awesome is that? 

The days of waiting until the next ultrasound are over!! 

My next stop was with the wonderful mommies from Zippyz. 

These are the coolest pajamas ever! Where were these when my squirmy boys were small? (Okay, truth be told I make big babies. They may have never been small!)
These snap up top and zip the rest of the way! 

You can check them out at, or find them on Facebook at Zippyz by Little Trendyz. Enter coupon code ERIKA20 for 20% off!

Of course I was drawn to the beautifully displayed doTerra booth by the wonderful smells of Wild Orange and Eucalyptus in the air! 

Being a wellness advocate for doTerra myself, I was nervous but excited to attend the mini workshop offered. I worried the boys wouldn't be able to sit through it without interruption. Double stroller in tow, off we went! 

Here they are keeping themselves busy for about 40 mins! (That's big for us) the other twenty minutes I spent exchanging snacks for their (semi) silence. (Mom of the year right here folks) 
The workshop was so informative and chock full of giveaways and totally worth it! I won this great aromatherapy book!
Of course I had to stop by the booth afterwards and pick up some goodies to take home...
(This diffuser is by far the best I have tried!)
(I use these travel oils daily!)

Needless to say it had already been quite a day, it was time for a lunch break. Luckily The Gathering Place had arranged for a couple of food trucks to be there. 

I chose The Health Nut, they had a pretty extensive menu offering vegan and paleo options for every meal.
For the record, this was quite possibly the best chicken sandwhich I've ever had.
With full bellies we move on! 
Well, some of us.. Nugget needed a nap!  
(Thank goodness for the super comfy reclining seats in the Bugaboo Donkey!)

We stumbled upon Barefoot Books, such a cool twist on the Grimms Fairytales. All characters are more lifelike, while staying true to the original storyline. Most books have a read along CD inside too, perfect for long car rides!

Our favorite was the Barefoot Books original "The Gigantic Turnip".
There were tons of booths dedicated to teeny babies, such as Melo Pima. All Pima cotton products for your teeny bundle. My favorite was their hooded bath towel. All clothing is made from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton.
You can check them out at 

Last but not least we stopped of at Tutti Bambini's display to check out the popular Beco carrier. 
I loved getting to meet the wonderful ladies at Tutti Bambini and discussing the highly anticipated upcoming Miami's Ultimate Baby Affair 2015 in February. 

All in all the day was a success! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and learning all about new products and vendors. I can't wait to see what they have to offer next year! 

Essentially yours,


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