Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tot School: Farm Week!

***Warning: Late post!
Last week was Farm week in #TotSchool, I was so excited for this theme just because of all of the really cool printables I was able to find!

I had made a few adjustments to the Tot School / Play Area in order to accommodate more trays. I'm not quite sure it will stay this way, there are definitely more man hours required in keeping the room tidy. This room is constantly evolving and growing with my boys, much like the rest of our lives! I've come to pride myself on the grace and humor with which I handle these changes on a day to day basis with two boys under the age of four. Hey, were all a work in progress right?

I kept it simple at first with some Do-A-Dot printables. Printables are great for entertaining two children at very close, yet very different stages. Any excuse to use my laminator! #nerdalert I  much prefer hands on process art and play, but these do serve a purpose in bringing them together for something they both enjoy. Plus it helps me get dinner on the table. Don't judge me.

I found these on one of my new favorite Tot School sites to visit The Gift of Curiosity, they had all the farm animals available to print (their favorite was the "wooster"). Trying to put together tot trays can be very tricky when dealing with two toddlers close in age at different developmental stages. I often feel as though the trays can either frustrate my two year old, or bore my three year old to pieces. It's a fine line and The Gift of Curiosity is great at balancing the two. Now, if I could only keep them from intruding into each others trays.

They both seem to really enjoy practice cutting. My oldest is definitely a bit more experienced so these spiral sheets helped to keep this activity interesting. My youngest is content with just holding the scissors and practicing how to work the springs. All around these are usually a hit.

My three year old has gained somewhat of a reputation as the "Puzzle Master", he can quickly put together pretty elaborate puzzles in a very short time (I promise I am not clocking him with a stop watch). It's as though he can see the "big picture" from the start, it's fun to watch his eyes glisten as his mind puts together piece by piece like a young mad scientist.

Naturally these homemade puzzles were right up his alley, he thoroughly enjoyed finding all the different pieces and putting them together. My little guy??? Not so much. 

He was more interested in our newest purchase for Tot School, the Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center. This was awesome! It really allows for much less re-printing and I don't have to use all of my laminator pouches on one theme.

Matching animals to their shadows was great for my three year old, and my little guy enjoyed tracing the animals steps back to the barn. Win / Win! Matching and size sorting are favorites for my puzzle master. 

Here they are matching animals, shapes and sorting by size. Much more popular for my three year old. He moves through these pretty quickly though. 

The balance between catering to the two different stages is a weekly struggle in Tot School, but well worth it. Especially when I get to witness these two working together. 

Be still my heart..

Can't wait to see what will be in store for Tot School next week!

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