Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"Bad Officials Are Elected By Good Citizens Who Don't Vote"...

I'm not one of those people who goes around debating politics or religion at a party. I'm a believer in everyone having the right to their own individual opinion. I strongly feel that it's the differences we all need to embrace in each other in order to learn more or accomplish anything while we are here.  In order to make any kind of real change.

These subjects can and do incite powerful emotions from people, partly because it reflects some of their core beliefs as a human being. What if, no matter what our thoughts and opinions were we could just respect these divides and learn to build bridges and meet in the middle? What if we all became a part of a much larger conversation in which all of our voices could be heard? 

I hear time and time again how people refuse to vote, they think it doesn't matter, their voice won't be heard. Well it won't, because a closed mouth cannot get fed. I hear all sorts of excuses why people think voting is a waste of time.. So I decided to write a few reasons why I DO vote. 

  • Because I believe that big changes start with small groups of people who care. Big ideas started with one small fleeting thought. The almighty "What If.." The outward ripple effect of thoughts, ideas and a willingness to compromise is what is going to take us all to the next level. A higher consciousness as a whole, to improve life and liberty. 
  • I vote for all the women with voices that were never heard. For years women weren't allowed to vote, as though their thoughts and opinions had no value and did not matter. I vote because they did and still do.
  • Because the thought alone of a democracy calls to me in a way I cannot explain. The acknowledgement of all, an outlet to be counted. To be seen and heard as human beings is all the connection we need. The idea that all people and their voices matter make my heart flutter. There is a cloud of compassion on the ideals that all individuals have the right to be heard, simply because they were born. Regardless of their race, gender or class, the fact that they exist at all is reason enough. 
  • I vote for my children. I vote to help shape a better world for them, but also to show them how to stand and be counted. To rise to the call of humanity and contribute when and where it is necessary. To believe in something other than yourself, to believe in the greater good of all people. To respect those around you no matter what their opinions may be, and to learn to work with each other. I vote to teach them about peace and understanding. Learning to accept all thoughts and ideals whether you agree with them or not, or to fight for what you do believe in wherever there is injustice. And finally, not to give up. No matter what you did vote for or what you feel is necessary, it wont always come. But that doesn't mean you stop caring or sharing. It doesn't mean you become jaded and decide that your voice no longer matters, that very thought alone will make it come to fruition. It means that when your face is marred with dust, and the greater good does not prevail, you dust yourself off and get back into the arena. 
  • Finally, I vote because I can. Because it is my fundamental right not just as an American, but as a human occupying this planet. There are millions of people who do not have this right, I will vote for them. I vote to become a part of the national conversation, because it's needed. I don't vote simply to get the result I want, or what works for me, simply to be self-serving. I vote and become a part of this conversation in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the needs of the people and world around me, not just my own. Because at the end of the day, that's what it's all about. We are all one in the same, all at different levels of consciousness or awareness. Coming from different places and perspectives, with different levels of understanding. The ability to co-exist peacefully and fruitfully with all of these differences in play is what is going to make the biggest difference.
I invite you to become a part of this conversation. 

Click here for information on where you can go to place your vote today!

"The Ballot is stronger than the Bullet" -Abraham Lincoln

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