Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Life You Want...

Last month the city of Miami, along with Olay Beauty, Crest Health and Covergirl hosted Oprah's "The Life You Want Weekend". Now, I am a professed "Super Souler". I don't watch much television, but I do believe in quality programming. Anything other than middle-aged women making fools themselves or dating back 100 years of  progress is a welcomed change in this household. So when I do watch, I prefer that it at least add some value to my life. Featured positive social influences willing to bestow jewels of wisdom on a weekly basis is my kind of tv. So when I received the call to participate in the coverage for the weekend, I jumped on it! 

Much to everyone's dismay the weather was anything but positive! The grey clouds moved in and brought the rain with them. Trudging through the puddles and mud (yes, mud) proved to be difficult with a toddler in tow. Okay, let me explain...
As usual there was a snafu with the whole sitter situation and I, (being the wonderful mother I am) decided the show must go on. With a toddler. In the rain. Mother of the year right here folks.

Hey, it's OPRAH! I digress.

Just as suspected, the event was full of all the positivity needed that day! Take that humidity!
The grounds of Miami Museum Park were set up with tents as far as the eye could see with different themes all lending to the positive messages driven home by the OWN network.
Renewal... Reinvention...Evolution, you get the idea.

Renewal was filled with positive messages and tips on how to help feel renewed, with products provided by its sponsor, Olay Beauty. All things aimed at helping you feel your most beautiful surrounded the tent and visitors were spoiled with a plethora of facial treatments. Camera crews circled the tent asking passersby "What makes you feel your most beautiful?" We were fortunate enough to take part in the filming of this commercial and chime in on the beauty in baby-wearing. 

The Reinvention tent was all about helping you maintain an new you, sponsored by Covergirl Cosmetics and Crest Health. Here everyone was treated to a preview at all of Covergirl's newest products and consultations with professionals on how to best achieve your own "look". Once again we were approached to participate in some filming in which I'm sure you already know what my answer was... Yes I did have to say "Easy, Breezy, Covergirl!"

The rain unfortunately did not let up and it was getting harder to navigate through the puddles of water and mud, I was happy to be a baby-wearing mama, I was able to spare my (not so) little guy from all the trouble. I suppose I feel my most beautiful when I'm able to be fully present in the moment, when plans don't work out and I go with the ever-present current of life. When the sitter cancels at the last minute, take the little ones along! When the stroller won't work, wear em'! And when there's rain...
Well, you get the picture..
Everyone I met had the same attitude towards life, it was so refreshing to be surrounded by so many positive people "living in their element" as Sir Ken Robinson would describe it. It seemed every cheerful person I connected with that day, had overcome some feat in order to be there. It was as if we were all rewarded with this wonderful presence and almost electric experience, just bursting with all the bright personalities and wonderful vibes all mixed in one. Every cloud has it's silver lining indeed. Who needed great weather, when we all brought our own sunshine...

I try in most cases to see life through the eyes of my children, with magic and wonder. To always be faithful and trusting in humanity, fighting hard to never become jaded or cynical. It's easy to get wrapped up in the blame game, pointing fingers as to why things never worked out in your life, your community or even in your nation. It takes awareness in order to work from the inside out and focus on your part in and how you can effect the whole. I suppose this is what happens when you never lose that magic, when your living the life you want...

Essentially Yours,