Monday, November 17, 2014

Growing Back..

We've recently acquired a plot at the Boca Raton Community Garden, a spot we waited over a year for! A great place for novice gardeners like myself looking to grow their own food. In an effort to take part in a sustainable future we have secured this plot and even planted our first seeds, anxiously awaiting our harvest. We go as a family and tend to this plot, hoping to instill some value in the process of planting a seed, caring for the garden and patiently awaiting, quite literally the fruits of our labor.

Studies show that children are ten times more likely to eat vegetables they've grown themselves. Not that we really have a problem with that, our boys are thankfully excellent eaters and will grab broccoli first on a table full of assorted foods. They have never shied away from anything green and leafy, and their snacks consist of fruits and veggies not packaged crackers or yogurt pouches chock full of sugar / preservatives/ additives, etc..

We often go after a full day of Seedlings and water the garden, we end up having a mini-picnic while discussing things like what is growing, how long it will take and why we pull the weeds from our garden. I knew we would be modeling sustainability and the natural responsibility for the food we ingest, but I wasn't prepared for the pockets of sweetness we would endure in the process. Their natural wonder for the world around them makes this experience all the more delightful and fulfilling.
Walking past all the plots and discussing what other gardeners are growing, I've learned that they can identify between parsley and basil. They can recognize when a radish is ready to be picked, and they can even tell when pests have gotten to some greens. It amazes me how quickly, when given the opportunity, children will immerse themselves so deeply, so presently in their natural surroundings that they instinctively learn and grow. I suppose it falls under our belief in immersion play, process art and natural evolution. It's one thing to read the research, feel the call to change your lifestyle, but to watch it unfold before your eyes is a glorious feeling. Akin to the feeling you get when you first saw this young life enter the world and take their first breath. Bearing witness to the unfolding of their personalities and the developing of their curiosity is  nothing short of miraculous. 
The Boca Raton Community Gardeners donate a portion of their harvest to the Boca Helping Hands, a community based organization dedicated to making a difference. They provide meals for those in need and work closely with the Boca Raton Community Garden throughout the seasons. Join us in volunteering our hearts and our time for Family Cooking Night at Boca Helping Hands, Thursday December 11th! We will be there!

"The seeds we sow today determine the kind of fruit we'll bear tomorrow."


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