Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stain, Stain, Go Away!

Stains. They are inevitable! Especially with two boys under the age of four. Around here, they are unfortunately a constant occurrence (insert my mother shrieking here). 

Refusing to use any laundry products with chemicals, I've somewhat backed myself into a corner where I'm either in denial about these stains or I've accepted them as the newest member to our family. Either way, I was in trouble. 

Until now!!!

I'm amazed at the power of essential oils and all they can do for my life! When I first started this blog I didn't intend on promoting any oils, but the change they've made in my day to day life is worth mentioning. The name I chose for this blog was actually just "catchy" and at the end of the day I'm essentially just me. I digress...

I introduce to you essentially the easiest stain remover recipe EVER! 

This concoction only has two ingredients!

You will need:

1/2 cup of vinegar
20 drops of Therapeutic Grade Lemon Essential Oil 
(For more info on different grades of essential oils you can visit:, this webinar is lengthy but so worth it!)

That's it! 

Add to a glass spray bottle and spray those stains away.

Now, I'm always down on myself for not catching before and after pics for all my oil miracles. I'm still new to this blogger mentality and often race straight into "mommy mode" to fix an issue. But not this time! 

I finally snapped a quick before shot for you fine folks!

It seems my little guy is an artist like his father, I can't keep the crayons, paint brushes or markers out of his hands. It's amazing to watch his natural talent unfold as he tries to color inside the lines and watch his strokes, he's only two! That is until it's on my sofa, then it's no longer miraculous and now it's just inconvenient (ha, ha still cute though). Here is his latest masterpiece..

I've been looking to throw a pop of color in my living area, this wasn't what I had in mind...

A few sprays and a little scrubbing from my newest concoction and here you have it:

Back in action! We live to fight another stain!! 

To purchase doTerra's lemon essential oil, or any of their fabulous oils you can go to:

In my research I found tons of advice on how to remove crayon stains, some were quite "crafty", what's your all natural go-to stain remover?

Essentially Yours,


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