Tuesday, February 10, 2015

All Natural Essential Skin Care

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? Like anything else it needs love and attention, all natural preferably. Organic, natural living doesn't stop in the kitchen. When we decided to rid our home / bodies from chemicals it included our skin care regimen. Did you know that anything your skin absorbs goes directly into your blood stream? What difference does it make watching what were eating if we put poison on our face? Not only do I want to be able to pronounce all the ingredients in my food, but I'd like to be be able to understand everything I put on my skin as well.

I get a lot of questions about all natural skin care tips, so I decided to put together a list of all of the "products" I use / make for my face. We all know I love a reason to make homemade ANYTHING!

Tip #1: Utilize Nature's Gift!

Seriously, I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING! Coconut oil is not only healthy for cooking, its possibilities are endless. You can use it in your hair as a conditioning treatment (I do it overnight), it's great for oral health (oil pulling), skin care is no exception. I start with coconut oil as my all natural make-up remover (yup, even eye make-up). A teaspoon will usually do the trick. I rub it all over my face and concentrate on the eyes, then wipe with a warm wash cloth and watch in amazement. Eyes are clean and most importantly hydrated! I also use this as my night time moisturizer with a drop of Frankincense essential oil. Frankincense has long been known as a healing oil, I add this as a scar / wrinkle reducer. My skin looks refreshed, and I'm glowing in the morning.

Tip #2: Exfoliation is Key

Baking soda is so versatile, I use it in my homemade air freshener and mattress cleaner as well as an all natural face scrub. I create a paste using only baking soda and water until its the perfect consistency for exfoliating my skin. Then I add a drop of Geranium essential oil, but only one drop as geranium is very strong. This is great at absorbing any oils. Rub in circular motions until you've covered your entire face and rinse thoroughly with warm water. For problematic skin that may need a deeper scrub you can make the Himalayan salt scrub. Mix together grated Pink Himalayan salt with equal parts coconut oil with a few drops of geranium essential oil. Use the same application process.

Tip #3: Pores are not your Friend

Astringent's are known for being filled with harsh chemicals that can strip your face of natural oils it may need. Witch Hazel is an excellent natural alternative to astringent, you can find some at your local whole foods. You can also make your own astringent using equal parts Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and water, then spray onto a cotton ball and wipe thoroughly. I also add Lavender essential oil to for its soothing effects and to hide the smell of the vinegar (it works). Follow up with moisturizer.

These three steps can help keep your skin looking fresh and clean as naturally as possible.

Share your favorite homemade skin care remedy!

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