Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spotlight on Malu Organic

This week's spotlight  is on a new favorite Etsy shop, MALU ORGANIC. I've long been obsessed with sustainable clothing and I've finally found my go-to for stylish toddler duds that I'm in love with!

A friend of mine recently brought back some awesome patchwork harem pants straight from Bali (yes, she met Ketut!), and I absolutely adore them. I wear them EVERY chance I get. When I found these adorable toddler harem pants, I just about died!

Mali & Kalen Allmandinger, stole my heart as  former NYC residents turned California transplants. MALU Organic was born shortly after the birth of their daughter Marnie.
She wanted to create baby/toddler apparel that would convey their laid back Malibu beach lifestyle with a free-spirit undertone. They hit it right on the money, my son not only felt incredibly comfortable (I've seriously never felt a softer, more breathable fabric), but it had plenty of give allowing him to "fly free."

If you follow my blog you know that I try my best to be a conscious buyer and sustainable wear has long been on my radar for my boys. It can be tough with how much wear and tear they put on clothes and how active they are.  Malu Organic's 100% organic fair trade cotton isn't only the softest cotton I've ever felt but it will surely stand the test of time. It's #ToddlerApproved! I couldn't feel better knowing that this sustainable wear isn't wreaking havoc on our planet and it was made by workers who are treated well and paid fair wages. #IntentionIsEverything

In their own words:

We’ve created an ethical brand that is fully eco-friendly, using the softest, most comfortable fair-trade organic cotton and hemp fabrics, and environmentally friendly, solvent-free inks and natural dyes. We strive to be sustainable and to have a small footprint, sourcing our materials from as close to home as possible. The creative part is done in Malibu. We design and print everything in our home and then we manufacture in downtown LA, using fabrics made in the USA.

As if it couldn't get any better,  5% of every purchase is donated to the "Every Mother Counts" organization. An incredible program providing transportation, education and supplies to pregnant mothers in need all over the world.

You can follow MALU Organic on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. When ordering don't forget to use coupon code ESSENTIALLYORGANIC for 10% off!

Be Well, Be Green, Be Malu!

Essentially Yours,


Disclosure: Essentially Erika was provided with complimentary apparel featured in this article in exchange for a product review. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and not influenced in any way by the sponsor.

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