Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Homemade Birthday Breakfast Cupcakes

A new and growing trend online are these "Funfetti Birthday Pancakes" parents are making for their children the morning of their birthday. I'm all for cooking my little guys a special breakfast and indulging a bit on their birthday, like any parent I want to mark the occasion and make them feel as special as possible. Still, I'm having a hard time rationalizing feeding my kids cake batter (essentially) in the morning. 

Perhaps it's because I don't make a habit of filling them with sugar and hydrogenated oils on ANY morning that makes this breakfast hard to swallow (pun totally intended). Maybe it's because I've worked hard to show our children food doesn't come from boxes or cans, and I've tried to instill a real sense of what they are putting into their bodies. I've seen parents go so far as to feed their kids cupcakes first thing in the morning on birthdays. Hey, I'm no party pooper. I love celebrating life as much as the next stay-at-home mom (we really know how to let the freak flag fly, don't let the yoga pants and minivans fool you).

I feel bad for the children, really. I couldn't imagine being able to function properly after dumping that into my stomach. Let alone a developing brain trying to cope with a "sugar coma." Sure they get a moment of pleasure off of this sugar high, which also sends them spiraling into a terrible sugar crash. As always, I was on the hunt for an alternative to this "dessert-fast." 

I usually do not have to stray very far when looking for creative and fun ways to keep our kids interested in food. Weelicious has a ton of awesome recipes for kids and toddlers. Sure enough I came across this wonderful recipe for Breakfast Cupcakes. These cupcakes are "pancake fluffy" AND made using actual ingredients. I personally substituted the cream cheese with plain greek yogurt and I used applesauce instead of sugar and.... Voila! Birthday Breakfast Cupcakes for my boys and I to enjoy!

What's your favorite birthday recipe?

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