Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY: Kitchen Cabinets

When I heard the news that our entire first floor would be re-tiled, my DIY wheels started spinning! 

I just couldn't see new tile laying next to the old 80's style wood cabinets we had in our "country style" kitchen. (That's what I convinced myself was the motif)
(Excuse the DIY mess)

I wanted to take advantage of the fact that our entire first floor was tucked away in our Totschool area and I could do as I pleased...

Sooooooo, I decided once again a can of paint is all they needed. Off to Home Depot I went! 

I started by removing all cabinet doors/ hinges. I then scrubbed them down and primed them with Gripper. 
(Ewwww chemicals I know!!) 
I sprayed the old rusted hardware an oil rubbed bronze color from Rustoleum and set them out to dry for 24 hours.
This is one area of our life that I haven't been able to eliminate all chemicals. I'm on the job and starting to research all natural alternatives to DIY. I'll keep you posted!

I then applied what felt like 5 million coats of fresh white paint annnnnnnnd...

Voila! It feels like a new kitchen! 
(No toddlers were hurt in the making of this post)

We are now leaning closer to our "country kitchen / shabby chic" vibe. 

One problem though.. 

Now I feel like our kitchen table isn't fancy enough for our bright and airy kitchen. 

I'm in love with farm tables, so let's see what I can pull off! 
(My husband may kill me) 

Essentially yours,



  1. So, we have been dying to do this to our cabinets, too! But ours aren't wood -- they're fake wood with a plastic front or some crap -- and I don't know HOW to do it! Any recommendations?

  2. What a lot of work, now I know why professionals charge so much money!
    Great work.