Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Essential Oils: Bumps & Bruises

Living with two boys under the age of four, you can imagine how many bumps and bruises I see on a weekly basis. Oddly enough it's always my little guy who takes all the tumbles. He tends to be a bit more risky than his older brother who is a little more of a risk analyst when it comes to tricky maneuvers.

The tumble he recently took off off the couch onto my tile floor and into his Fisher Price record player was not a pretty one. It caught him right between the eyes and it started to swell so fast he was beginning to look like a unicorn!

I remember reading on the coveted Modern Wellness page on Facebook that Deep Blue was supposed to help with swelling.
I raced to my oil stash and grabbed ol' trusty tried and true blue! Just a dab will do, although I will say this: Be sure and keep away from the eyes, this oil is potent and can burn terribly if rubbed into a little one's eye.

The true test would be in the bruising in the days to come. I should have taken a picture right away but I was busy consoling a very distraught two year old.

But here you have it!

He never got a shiner as I suspected, and it went straight into the healing phase. By the next day it was visibly swollen, but nothing like before and it was already turning yellow / green. It wasnt tender to the touch and as you can see his mood had greatly improved! (Pardon the shameless plug, I couldn't resist!)

By day two the swelling had completely subsided and you could barely tell he had any bruising at all.

Another victory for Deep Blue and #DrMom!

Thinking of ordering an extra bottle to keep on hand just in case. With these two guys something tells me I'm not quite in the clear just yet!

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