Saturday, July 26, 2014

Essential Oils: Cry, Cry Baby!!!


Some of us like it, some of us NEED it. Or we look like the crypt keeper.. (I'm not pointing fingers..)

In my personal experience, my mascara dries out really quickly and if I dare to keep using it I'm in tears the entire day/night. I'm positive this cannot be good for the eyeballs! I walk around feeling like I have a lash stuck in my eye constantly. 

If you're anything like me and love all the flashy and gimmicky $40 mascara that promises to give you "Bette Davis Eyes", then this can get pretty pricey! Even the vegan brand mascara I've recently switched over to is on the up side at $28 a pop.

Being the essential oil freak that I am I knew there had to be a remedy to my lash woes.


Enter Lavender...

Lavender is one of those multifaceted oils that I use for EVERYTHING!

Add just one drop of pure lavender essential oil to your tube of mascara and no more tears! 

Lavender has antiseptic properties and nourishes your eyelashes, plus it smells amazing!

It extends the life of your mascara and keeps it from drying out so quickly, plus it promotes healthy lash growth. Bonus!

You can check out Lavender and all the other essential oils and blends DoTerra has to offer at

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