Saturday, July 5, 2014

"Germs Are Not For Sharing"

Anyone who really knows me knows that I am a bit of a recovering germophobe. In fact I've had to learn to "curb" my 'tude towards germs and those who enjoy sharing them in order for me to keep some friends or enjoy any social activities.

I wouldn't say that I am currently "germ-friendly", but I'm certainly a bit more "germ-tolerant". With all of the online debates, and information swirling around leading to the conclusion that some germs are necessary in order to grow a much healthier immune system. I am aware, (nor is it my wish) that my children cannot grow up inside of a "germ-free" bubble. In my quest to find inner peace and allow myself to live more in the "now" I have learned how not to overreact to some of the inevitable germ sharing experiences that come with toddlerhood.

HOWEVER... I do feel as though there is a definite group of people (you know who you are) who take this approach to another level. And by another level I mean they downright do not care who they infect, where they spread their germs or why they should be more mindful. Let me start by just laying it all out there, all children are different and handle illness differently. What may just be a nagging runny nose for your child, can be two weeks of breathing treatments for another child! (As seen on What may be only a day or two of inconvenience in your home with your ONE child, may be a month of recirculating germs for a family of FOUR.

Here's some advice:

If your child is sick, STAY HOME!

If you are sick, STAY HOME!

If ANYONE in your home is sick, do NOT show up to public places where there is bound to be tons of kids. i.e., birthday parties, theme parks, local parks, libraries, play dates, indoor playscapes, and certainly not MY house!


(And get better of course)

If you need to explain to your child(ren) why they cannot see their friends, feel free to read them "Germs are not for Sharing!"

I know there are certain situations that are just beyond a parents' control, but the majority of the time its only a matter of common courtesy.

On our recent trip to the, I witnessed a mom hovering over the train table sneezing all over the children! Not to mention touching all of the trains, constantly intervening and would not allow the children to play peacefully or work out any "sharing struggles" amongst themselves. She was even touching other children re-positioning them at the train table! As I looked onto the room of poor unsuspecting children who would soon have sniffles of their own (myself and my boys included), and the poor parents whose holiday weekend was changing before their very eyes, all I could think was "I just ran out of Onguard!"

(My go-to germ killing powerhouse essential oil)
We said a brief goodbye the train table and we hightailed it out of there. I dilute Onguard with Fractionated Coconut Oil in a 1:15 ration (that's 1 drop of OnGuard to 15 drops of FCO, told you this stuff was powerful), that's all you need. I also use this oil in my all natural hand sanitizer recipe, if used before contacting germs it can act as a barrier until you can get to a hand washing station.

Needless to say, we've spent the rest of the week recovering from "Sneezy's" attack on us all, I wonder how the rest of the group from our excursion is holding up.

Since we were already pretty sniffly by the time my stash arrived...
(nothing makes a girl happier these days...)

I had to do damage control and put together what is lovingly dubbed as "The Cold Bomb".

Now this is packing the heat!!! (literally)

Cold Bomb Recipe:

5 drops Onguard
5 drops Melaleuca
3 drops Oregano

There are different variations of "The Cold Bomb", this is the one that worked for me. I put it into a roll-on bottle and applied every two hours for about 8 hours. Within minutes I was feeling better, and within a day my symptoms were gone.

This, mixed with some diluted doTerra Breathe (I also use this in my homemade vapor cream) rubbed on the chest a few times daily is more than enough to get you "Breathe-ing" for sure. The relief was instant I didn't have to wait for some cold meds to "kick in", and I didn't have to expose myself or my family to any chemicals in the process.

#DrMom to the rescue!

As always, if you need any more info on any of doTerra's oils you can find it at:

Now, I'm curious.. Where is the last place you or your little ones got sick?

Essentially Yours,


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