Sunday, March 16, 2014

Essential Oils: On The Go!!

Minivans. Who doesn't love them?? I'm personally a huge fan, having two boys 15 months apart, my minivan quite possibly saved my life... Or at least (what's left of) my sanity. 

Did I mention my oldest son was only 15 months old (wasn't walking yet btw) when I brought my little nugget home? So yeah, I frickin' love my minivan! It makes me sad to think of the day we grow out of it.

However, there is essentially more space which means more cracks and crevices in which I find stinky socks, old snacks, etc... I need air fresheners in the worst way! I'm a big believer in Aromatherapy - and I don't know about you but I just can't function in a stinky or stale environment. 

When I first laid eyes on the essential oil car diffuser, I squinted as they glistened a bit and I managed to whisper "Hello Lovah". (Quote Carrie Bradshaw much??) I just about died and went to heaven! 

My husband was constantly buying those stinky trees from the gas station that give me a headache! 
Warning!!! Side Note:
Ever since I banned all chemical ridden cleaning products and detergents from my home and started making my own, (more about all my natural  homemade cleaning products soon!) my sense of smell has become so sensitive! I can't even smell a burning Yankee candle without immediately sniffing out all of the petrochemicals in it. I used to love those candles!

A gift and a curse really, I can't go anywhere without my nose being completely offended. I've heard over the years in the "natural community" that all of these chemicals we inhale on a constant basis not only are unhealthy but that they can de-sensitize your nose to the point where it becomes normal and adapts to the stank. I will take my newly offended nose any day of the week! (No offense old nose) 

This week I'm burning Grapefruit essential oil in the car and it is divine! 
 Pressed from the rind, Grapefruit is more than just a fresh scent, its cleansing and invigorating properties have made it a favorite among essential oil lovers like me! Grapefruit’s fresh and invigorating aroma is sure to uplift the mood and please the senses. When used aromatically it helps balance and uplift  your mind and reduce anxiety. I need all the balance I can get with these two little guys in the back!

I'm always on the hunt for new natural car scents, I'll keep you posted!

Essentially Yours,



  1. No I actually picked this up before I discovered DoTerra at a local Aromatherapy shop. They are awesome and totally affordable, I think I paid $15?