Sunday, March 16, 2014

Montessori Living: Practical Life

The Montessori method encourages child led autonomy, but whenever I introduce the boys to a new facet of their independence it boggles my mind how they take it up another notch instanly. 

We've been working on "cutting" with my boys, they cut fruit mostly. But this week my 3 year old wanted to cut his sun butter and jelly sandwich. But first he wanted to try his hand at spreading the condiments on the bread, (this was a first) since I've learned to put my "control" of the situation aside and put his needs first I let him try. 
He did it! The look on his face was worth the agonizing three minutes in my head as he dragged that sun butter across, tearing the bread apart. ( In my mind all I could hear is: "I've pierced the toast!" from "The Bird Cage") as I bit my lip and tried to stop thinking of how much faster it would be if I just did it myself, we were late once again for a meetup!

But we both learned a lesson that day, he learned he can make his own sandwich and I, well I learned to stop quoting movies in my head while my children are talking to me. (Old habits die hard) No seriously, I'm amazed at how much I learn from them on a daily basis. They teach me something new each day, and this journey we've decided to take together is exciting and full of changes. For ALL of us!

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