Sunday, March 16, 2014

Totschool: Everything's coming up Rainbows!

Lots of rainbows and four leaf clover crafts this week in honor of St. Patty's Day. The boys always enjoy beading crafts. Finding green and yellow beads with clovers at the craft store was a bonus this week! 
I'm always saving recyclable products around the house with the best intentions of using them in our crafts (toilet paper rolls or egg cartons), only to find out my husband has thrown them away! Not even recycled them, thrown in the garbage! (I know, he's working on it) I was finally able to pull it off this week using toilet paper rolls in our latest rainbow craft.

As you can see, they also double as a train whistle! My boys are both train obsessed, I love seeing how creative their growing minds get with finding new and innovative ways to incorporate some sort of train correspondence to whatever it is we are doing.

After all these rainbows they were ready for a little transferring and grabbed my "oh so crafty" transferring tray I set out this week... 
Don't judge me. 

It's been a long week and I'm fresh out of creativity. They actually seemed pretty interested in this transfer tray because....

They had a better idea. (I told you they were train obsessed!) 

Tune in next time to see what other activities they can commandeer! (Gotta love those leadership skills they are honing!) 

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