Sunday, March 16, 2014

Products I Love : Shoe fly don't bother me...

I've mentioned before how much Mosquitos just love me! Well, it seems my boys have also inherited my wonderfully sweet O blood type that turns these Florida Mosquitos into something right out of the Twilight novel! I am currently searching for the right DIY essential oil repellent recipe but until then, this is my go to all natural product:

Badger Bug Balm, this stuff works wonders! I've searched high and low for a natural product that ACTUALLY works, this is definitely strong enough. It's awesome, and the push up stick is super convenient for wiggly toddlers on the go! Beware: the strong scent is not suitable for those with weak stomachs. I pride myself on my iron stomach and if I use too much even I can get a tad queasy. 

Another tried and true favorite from the Badger brand is... 
Their All Season Facestick also works great on wiggly toddlers in a hurry for some fun in the sun!

I'm sure I will be posting more products as summer approaches. But as always... 

Essentially Yours, 


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