Sunday, March 16, 2014

Essential Oils: Ouchies!

It's inevitable, my two year old is constantly tripping and falling all over the place. I blame myself, I was the clumsiest kid!! Now it seems I have passed that wonderful trait along to my little guy. His legs look like those of a cheetah with all the bruising. 

This week, he took a tumble. He scraped his tiny knee on concrete, and it was the worst he's had in his tiny two years of life. (Insert Mommy guilt here) 
All the moms of older rambunctious boys, feel free to laugh at me now. I am aware these will get worse as they get older and more daring. For right now though, this is tough for me to see. Especially when he is usually so resilient and does not cry most of the time, this time was different. I digress! 
I raced over and cracked open my bible: 
I immediately applied Lavender to soothe the pain and burning. I then applied a few drops of Melaleuca essential oil to assist in the disinfecting and healing of it all. Essential oils are created inside aromatic plants that are both volatile and oil soluble. They're natures magic healing oils as far as I'm concerned! Their healing properties seem endless!
(Please excuse the chubby toddler fingers, it seems like every picture I take has teeny fingers creeping into the shot.)

 I'm so glad in times like these I don't have to rush to the medicine cabinet and grab some chemical ridden product from my local pharmacy, all the while insecure and wondering "what is actually in this and what long term effects can this have on my child"? I love having natural options to offer my family, as well as modeling for my children that they don't always have to reach for "drugs" every time they have an issue. We have everything we need right here in nature.

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